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Dr. Jorge Hallak


Dr. Jorge Hallak  he is a Full Professor of Medicine at the Faculty of Medicine of the University of São Paulo (FMUSP) and specialized in Urology at FMUSP.

He is coordinator of the Reproductive Toxicology Unit of the Department of Pathology at FMUSP, a physician who is part of the Clinical Staff of HCFMUSP and of the Sírio-Libanês, Albert Einstein, Oswaldo Cruz, Beneficência Portuguesa hospitals, among others, as well as being coordinator of the Study Group in Men's Health at the Institute for Advanced Studies at USP (IEA-USP).

He is also Founder and Technical-Scientific Director of Centro Androscience, a Science and Innovation Center in Andrology dedicated to providing high quality services in hypogonadism, male infertility and spermatology research. The Androscience Center has a High Complexity Laboratory in Andrology, Cryopreservation and Sperm Function Testing. He is also the Medical Director of Clínica Doutor Jorge Hallak, an integrative center of excellence in Men's Reproductive and Sexual Health, which aims at the global quality of life for men.

Dr. Hallak has expertise in urological microsurgery, including varicocele correction, vasectomy reversal, in addition to other complex reconstructive procedures and sperm collection techniques. Graduated in Medicine (1989 – FMUSP), specialized in Urology, Andrology, Human Reproduction , Male Infertility, Hypogonadism and Urologic Microsurgery. He earned a Ph.D. in Reproductive Biology in the Department of Urology at The Cleveland Clinic Foundation in Cleveland, Ohio, in the institution's clinical fellowship program in the Male Infertility Sector.

Acts as advisor and coordinator of postgraduate studies at FMUSP, organizing and delivering training courses and lectures based on the construction of medical and non-medical skills dedicated to advances in Research, Development and Innovation (RD&I) with an emphasis on preventive actions in the large area of men's sexual and reproductive health.

Prof. Hallak has published as author or co-author more than 130 scientific articles in journals with selective editorial policy and book chapters, as well as more than 450 lectures and papers presented at international conferences, and has been honored with more than a dozen awards and honors along with his undergraduate and graduate students.

He is an active member of several medical and professional societies, including: “American Urological Association” (AUA), “American Society of Andrology” (ASA), “American Society for Reproductive Medicine” (ASRM), “Society for the Study of Male Reproduction and Urology” (SSMRU), “Sociétè Internationale d'Urologie” (SIU), “International Society of Andrology” (ISA), “Brazilian Society of Urology” (SBU), “Brazilian Society of Cancerology” (SBC) and “Society of Human Reproduction” (SBRH).

In 2018, Prof. Hallak was a pioneer in being invited to be the Medical Director and Chief Executive of Andrology at SAMEO (South Asia and Middle East Organization), an Academic Science and Health Center whose mission is to provide high quality reproductive, maternal and child health care. , through the dissemination of education, training and research in this region of the planet, which currently includes 25 countries and which will now also include “Andrology” in the Global Health Strategy within the 17 Sustainable Development Goals – “Transforming our World” (Item 3 : Health and Welfare) of the United Nations (UN).

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