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Clínica Jorge Hallak


The Dr. Jorge Hallak clinic, a reference in male reproductive and sexual health, has as its exclusive concern and commitment the best care for the patient, following the precepts of the clinic's philosophy of care. Its work philosophy is patient care centered on diagnostic criteria for the cause of infertility, preservation of fertility, restoration of natural fertility, application of reproductive technology, comprehensive support (urological, gynecological, genetic, psychological) at all stages of the process. reproductive process, aiming at the lowest risk to the mother, the fetus and future generations.
Dr. Jorge Hallak  he is a urologist, specializing in andrology, human reproduction and microsurgery. Physician graduated from the Faculty of Medicine of the University of São Paulo, with residency in General Surgery and Urology at the Hospital das Clínicas of the Faculty of Medicine of USP.

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The differential of Clínica Doutor Jorge Hallak is to act in an integrative way, using precision medicine in a pragmatic way, with a practical and personalized vision, using technological innovation and scientific development as agents of transformation, however, without letting technology replace the traditional and good medical practice based on clinical investigation, anamnesis, detailed physical examination with laboratory support. The result of this approach is the correct diagnosis with an emphasis on identifying, mitigating or neutralizing the harmful effects of risk factors, chronic diseases and medical conditions associated with the loss of reproductive and sexual function and the overall quality of life of men. The focus is preferably addressed on the reestablishment of key biological functions, such as restoration of testicular function (hormonal and sperm production) associated with the realignment of habits, factors related to an individual's lifestyle and nutritional aspects, respecting the "environment" in which he it's inserted.

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Clínica Jorge Hallak


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